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Lead Paint Remediation

Lead paint is a toxic substance that was used in paint products up until 1978. It can cause problems in adults, but it is most harmful to children.

In the late seventies and early eighties, though the bad effects of ingesting lead were known of, there were few rules regulating the removal and handling of lead paint. At that time while working as a painter for a Waterbury, CT firm, we were hired by the Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to mechanically grind the paint from the exterior of houses where children were found to have ingested lead paint dust or chips. With no other protection than a scarf wrapped around our faces, we dutifully removed the lead paint throwing more lead dust in the air than ever would have been possible if we just left it alone. Since then the rules and regulations have greatly changed and Chaz Yanavich Painting Contractor has kept up with the technology that is now available to safely remove or contain any lead paint that may be on your property. We are certified and licensed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and of course we have both Workers Compensation and Liability Insurance to fully protect you. Federal law demands strict penalties for unsafe handling of lead paint. Property owners are ultimately responsible for the lead paint on their premises. They can be held liable for the effects caused by an untrained, unlicensed, painter or renovator. So, if you own property built before 1978, it needs to be tested for lead paint before any painting or renovating is begun. If you plan on painting or renovating your property prior to selling it, you may be asked for proof that the work was done using safe practices. To protect you, your family, friends or any inhabitants, don't take a chance. Get the job done right.

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