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About Chaz Yanavich

Back in 1981 Chaz Yanavich started his first painting company Yankee Painting and Decorating. In the beginning, he offered all the services that he had learned while going to technical school and working in the construction trade. This included interior and exterior painting, pressure washing, staining, wallpapering, floor sanding and refinishing, sheet rocking and taping, and a small amount of carpentry. After a few years, because of the demand for his services, he concentrated on the painting and wallpapering aspects of the business and set up a six man wallpapering crew which did mostly commercial wall covering jobs in hotels, medical buildings, and office buildings. At the same time his painting crew did commercial, industrial and residential work, establishing himself during the housing boom as a reliable painting company that got the job done on schedule no matter how large or what the extenuating circumstances were. In 1994 Chaz handed over Yankee Painting and Decorating to his brother Dennis and started a second company under the title Chaz Yanavich Painting Contractor concentrating on commercial and industrial work.

Today Chaz Yanavich Painting Contractor does equal amounts of commercial and residential work, doing business with a wide range of building and remodeling contractors, management companies, businesses, and home owners. We have the experience and know how to handle any job at a reasonable price.

When it comes to rental property, time is money and at Chaz Yanavich Painting Contractor we have the personnel and experience to turn over the property in the least amount of time possible. No one gets it done with better quality or speed than we do. Save money and get it done right with Chaz Yanavich, Painting Contractor.